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This Is What I Think of 2013 Thus Far

But this is what I would prefer...

I think it was the funny and wise Charles M. Schultz  who said, "Happiness is a warm puppy."  My Fyfa would say, "Happiness is a fuzzy stuffed squirrel with a squeaker in its voluminous tail."  Obviously, she got one of those Word a Day calendars as a Hanukkah gift.


Hubby Health Update and Miscellany

Happy Birhtday, kittylefish

Happy birthday, my dear friend.  I hope your fangirl celebration in LA is absolutely fabulous.  May the year to come bring you peace, prosperity and good health.  May it exceed your expectations and go well beyond all your dreams!  Cheers to you!  *hugs*

Murphy's Law à la Clairvoyant

The day I forgo my allergy medication is the day I sneeze immediately after applying mascara... to both eyes.

Now This Is What a Vampire Should Look Like

Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins is creepy, sexy and, most important, not sparkly.  A vampire should be equal parts attraction and repulsion, you know.  Add a bit of quirky into the mix, and you've got the makings of another Tim Burton winner.

You can read more about his Dark Shadows look in The Hollywood Reporter article.
Every day, I'm blown away by the sheer number of products I use on my face and body simply to maintain a youthful appearance (HA!) and prevent small children from running away in horror when they gaze upon my visage (Oy!  Sometimes I'm even too purple for my own taste).

This is the real reason I need a bathroom renovation. I"ve run out of counter top space.Collapse )
I recently received my prize as the winner of exchange_bingo's Mini-Round Six.

Feast your eyes upon the glorious, gorgeous, glowing art of windwingswrites.

Please clicky this LJ-cut.Collapse )


Black and white Clairvoyant.
She came from Planet Claire
I knew she came from there
She drove a Plymouth Satellite
Faster than the speed of light

Planet Claire has pink air
All the trees are red
No one ever dies there
No one has a head

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